transforming the lives of children with special needs and their families

The Kianh Foundation is a grass-roots UK-registered charity founded in 2001 to address the desperate need for improved care and development for children with disability living around the Hoi An area of Central Vietnam.

Kianh delivers specialist education and health services to children with disability at its purpose-designed Day Centre for children in Dien Ban district, 10 minutes from Hoi An City.

The Day Centre aims to support at least 100 children with disability at any one time, along with their parents and families.
  • Teaching children vital life skills for adulthood

    Life Skills

    An important part of our lifeskills programme for our older children is their monthly trip to the local market. They take the bus, buy their tickets and choose and buy their own produce. From March onwards, the children will then use what they have bought to make snacks to sell to the other children in the centre in our monthly market. They have such fun doing all of this that they don’t notice that they are developing an impressive range of skills in the process.

    Please consider sponsoring a child now and enable more children to reach their full potential.

  • Early Childhood Intervention Early Intervention for a child with special needs can really give them the start they need in life. This very bright little boy with Cerebral Palsy started in our programme two years ago. He is only 5 years old but is now well into studying the mainstream curriculum for Vietnamese and maths. He may have physical limitations caused by his disability but he is academically ahead of his able-bodied peers. Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) programmes are designed to support young children who are at risk of developmental delay, or young children who have been identified as having developmental delays or disabilities. ECI comprises a range of services and supports to ensure and enhance children’s personal development and resilience, strengthen family competencies, and promote the social inclusion of families and children. Please consider sponsoring a child now and enable more children to reach their full potential.